Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BYO Beer Fest! Saturday, October 13th, 2012

423 West Fine Art Gallery presents BYO Beer Fest! Sponsored by Girl Friend Beer

When: Saturday, October 13th from 2pm til the Beer is gone

Where: 423 West Fine Art Gallery, 423 West Venice Blvd. LA, CA 90015 T: (805) 696-5687

What: Guests are asked to bring beer to add to the communal cooler in the spirit of community – Don’t be a Putz, Bring Good Sudz!

In the spirit of Octoberfest and Harvest Fests the world over, BYO Beer Fest celebrates the coming together of people from all over Los Angeles. Share in the bounty of summer and revel in the glories of autumn with Beer as the bond that will bring together a community for one afternoon.

This unique event will begin at 2pm on Saturday, October 13th at 423 West Fine Art Gallery in downtown Los Angeles and will go until the beer is gone. Food will be available and Rob Faucette of Amy Radio will be spinning classic Country and Beer drinking music from the world over. Original artwork from Girl Friend Beer will adorn the walls, while 423 West and Girl Friend Beer will also sponsor a cocktail napkin art exchange: guests are encouraged to draw on a napkin, pin it to the wall, and take one in exchange.

Attending guests are asked to bring beer to share – Don’t Be a Putz, Bring Good Sudz! Lemonade will be provided for designated drivers and non-drinkers. Purchase a cup to imbibe in complementary Octoberfest Beer.

About Rob Faucette and Girl Friend Beer

Rob Faucette is a Los Angeles based artist whose practice encompasses a wide variety of ongoing projects in varying mediums. His recent project, Amy Radio’s InPhoneTainment, was touted by LA Weekly as the top 5 Artsiest Things to Do in August and was dubbed “Radio on the Telephone…Delightfully Archaic.” Girl Friend Beer is an ongoing project in which there is no actual beer, and Girl Friend Beer is the proud sponsor BYO Beer Fest. Girl Friend Beer shirts, cozies, artwork and more will be available for sale at the event. More information and past projects can be found at and

About 423 West Fine Art Gallery

Launched in July of 2012 as a segue venture of The Artillerist Collective and Andi Garcia, 423WEST Gallery strives to catapult artists both evolving and established in the new contemporary art and urban fine art movement from the street and art studio into the global realm. Through a selection of projects, 423WEST Galley serves to represent the emergence of artists while providing a salon in which both awareness and patronage is built, which is essential for the artists’ ascension and growth. 423WEST Gallery is located in the prime spot of downtown Los Angeles two blocks for Staples center. For more information regarding previous projects and artist listings, go to or email Andi Garcia at

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

InPhoneTainment by Amy Radio - 7 Ads Used on Facebook for Promotion

The following 'ads' were created for the promotion of "Amy Radio's InPhoneTainment" which ran at 323Projects from August 3rd-31st, 2012. The daily posting of an ad on Facebook, as well as a daily post on were part of the project. In addition, the daily 'song snippet' had an accompanying photo which led to the song in full was posted daily on Tumblr.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

InPhoneTainment at 323Projects!

I'm thrilled to share that the Amy Radio Show is at 323Projects throughout the month of August!

323 Projects Presents In-Phone-Tainment with Amy Radio sponsored by Girl Friend Beer

• Exhibition runs from August 3 – August 31, 2012.

• Opening August 3 from 6-9PM. Come to the opening without going anywhere simply by calling (323) 843-4652.

• 323 Projects is an exhibition venue that exists as a phone number: (323) 843-4652 visitors call to experience contemporary art 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


323 Projects is pleased to present, In-Phone-Tainment with Amy Radio sponsored by Girl Friend Beer. This exhibition explores how entertainment, news, advertising, and music intersect via the telephone. Using layered sounds to create a quasi-informational form of In-Phone-Tainment, this exhibition will play off the structure of services like Movie Phone, Phone Trees, and Call for Time to question how we seek, receive and process information pertaining to leisure and consumption. Each day callers to 323 Projects will hear an onslaught of quick snippets of info, songs, sponsored ads, and a daily drama called Cliff Hanger! Each recording will in essence run about the same amount of time as a commercial pop song, but will contain bits and pieces of factual and made up ‘info.’ In-Phone-Tainment references the omnipresence of mobile phones as devices used to obtain a mixture of entertainment and valuable information, and seeks to blur the lines between the two.

323 Projects invites you to hear In-Phone-Tainment with Amy Radio sponsored by Girl Friend Beer by calling

(323) 843-4652 or (323) TIE-IN-LA

The show is open all day and all night, every day of the week.


Amy Radio is the creation of L.A. based artist and musician Rob Faucette. Rob heard the phrase "Amy Radio" from a mountain man in northern Vermont who used it as slang for A.M. radio. The phrase stuck as a way to describe the feeling of wonderment one has when driving late at night, tuning the dial, and discovering obscure songs and sounds on the radio. In 2006-2008, Faucette wrote, produced, and recorded a series of radio shows for a radio station in Vienna, Austria under the title "The Amy Radio Show," which dealt with such American themes as the highway, the wild west, space travel, and locomotives. The Amy Radio recordings featured in this 323 Projects exhibition are an extension of this investigation. Visit Amy Radio at


This exhibition is brought to you by Girl Friend Beer. Girl Friend Beer strives to be a beer company with everything but the beer itself. Because they don’t have a brewery equipped with forklifts, bottling machines, stacks of boxes, mashers, hoppers, boilers, water bills, and bottle caps, they have very little overhead. There is no beer, only Girl Friend Beer. Buy a coozie, slap a sticker on a can and you’ve got a Girl Friend Beer.

Monday, July 9, 2012

VEXED - Opens Saturday, July 14th.

Proud to be involved in this show opening this week. The sub-title is 'Tits, Tatts, and Turmoil in Red, White, and Black'

Long Hot Summer Days
Oil on Canvas

The reception is from 7-11, downtown LA @ 423 W Venice, just past Flower and close to the Convention Center.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Wasted - The Great American Pastime" opens at WWA gallery Saturday June 9 from 7-10pm

Unify with Girl Friend Beer
20" x 20"
Acrylic on Archival Board

Girl Friend Beer is proud to sponsor "Wasted" curated by Dave MacDowell at WWA gallery in Culver City. The first 150 people will receive a limited edition beer cup, just in time for summer.

There are over 70 artists in this fine show, and it's sure to wet your whistle!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Unify with Girl Friend Beer @ Wasted : The Great American Pastime : WWA gallery : June 9th

Wasted : The Great American Pastime : Opens June 9th @ WWA gallery!

Girl Friend Beer is proud to sponsor:

The Great American Past Time
Curated by: Dave MacDowell

featuring works by:
Aaron Jasinski Allison Reimold Allison Sommers Apricot Mantle Arabella Proffer Augie Pagan Aunia Kahn Big Toe Bill McEvoy Brandi Read Brandon Steen Buddy Nestor Cameron Davis Casey Weldon Cate Rangel Charles Wish Chase Tafoya, Chet Zar Chris B. Murray Chris Hoffman Chris Marrs Piliero Chris Sheridan Christopher Umana Craig LaRotonda Crystal Barbre Dan Barry Dan Harding Dan Quintana Dark Vomit Dave Cooper David Chung Edith Lebeau Edward Robin Coronel Erik Alos Gabe Larson Genevive Zacconi Gregory Rodriguez Jason Edmiston Jeff Ramirez Jessica Ward John Park John Cebollaro Johnny Crap JoKa Joseph Reyna Josh Geiser Joshua Clay Ken Keirns Kolaboy KRK Ryden Larkin Leslie Ditto Luke Chueh Mark Elliott Matt Dangler Meats Meier Michael Alvarez Michael Mararian Nathan Cartwright Nicole Bruckman Patrick Deignan Patrick Fatica Peter Adamyan Richard Frost Rob Faucette Robert Bowen Scott G. Brooks Scott Scheidly Serge Gay Jr. Shaunna Peterson Steven J Daily Tim Maclean Trey Xander ZOSO